CuriousIQ is a Greek-registered non-profit organisation founded in Athens in 2020. Our goal is to assist vulnerable groups by providing them with educational and employment support through our programme. Among them are refugees, asylum seekers, disabled, survivors of gender-based violence, and anyone from a low-income family attempting to reintegrate into the labour market.

We give our students a comprehensive data analytics education curriculum to provide them with the necessary skills and opportunities to pursue careers in the technology area. As soon as they graduate, our students learn how to examine raw data to develop conclusions about information and, ultimately, how to aid a business in improving its performance, to be positioned as analysts in digital jobs

For our students to be more successful when they enter the labour market, we provide them with career skills training and organise career events with companies and volunteer organisations, where they can network with professionals and recruiters. At the same time, we’ve built a community of people that share a spirit of unity and a thirst for knowledge. Our headquarters serve as an incubating learning hub and a safe space where our students are able to meet each other and get motivated to go above and beyond.